Ready to Downsize? Overwhelmed?

May 2, 2023

I want to start by giving a shout out to all the families who have helped their parents, uncles, aunts or grandparents undertake this challenging transition. And to all those who are personally at the beginning stages of their downsizing process, I want you to buckle up your seatbelts because there’s a high chance of turbulence ahead. This process can seem daunting, unless you have been blessed with amazing organizational skills and you know where every single item is located in your household. I applaud you and secretly am envious of such talents. 

Perhaps like other family units, I discovered how daunting a task it is to sort through a dwelling that holds the contents and memories of a lifetime, and how genuinely overwhelming it was to process, reconcile, accept, sell, and then let go of my dads personal private sanctuary when faced with the reality of him needing to move into long term care after a 2 month stay in hospital. One may think that it would be far easier if your family member was not there to provide direction. Well, I can tell you first hand this isn’t always the case. How do you decide what is to be kept and what isn’t, I was not prepared for the overwhelming emotion this had on me.

As an empath who intuitively guides people to the place where they belong, I want to be candid and let you know that downsizing and moving to a next chapter will, at times, be emotionally charged, mentally taxing, and physically exhausting for everyone involved.


As a realtor in her 50s, when I’m meeting with clients who want to discuss selling their existing residence to move into something more manageable, like a condo or one level home for example, I always ask them how many moves they have ahead of them. And most everyone looks at me a bit astonished because their focus has been on the ‘next place’ without considering it may be their ‘last place’. I bring to their attention that everyone, no matter their age really, has to consider factors regarding the location of their next dwelling, like how important the proximity to hospitals, shopping, public transportation, and family & friends is. Should your purchasing decision be based on living a life without a car one day, being close to health care specialists, or being able to walk or scooter to a grocery store? And what about the next dwelling? Should you take into consideration how many stairs it has, how easy it is to get in and out of the bathtub, and whether you need as large a property as you want given the cost, time, and energy required to maintain it? After all, for most of us moving into retirement the operating costs and repair expenses of our residence will likely go up as our income goes down, right? It’s never too soon to process this when you’re at the top of your game, instead of when you’re unexpectedly in decline.


My success as a Realtor is not limited to just finding a house for a buyer or selling a house for a seller. It is the experiences I have had with real people, families needing a change for a multitude of reasons who have come to count on me to navigate this journey with them. After helping many households, I am well-equipped to help ground almost every situation and have a pocket full of resources to aid in the process. 

No matter your stage in life, I value what home means to us all. If you or your loved ones could use my advice and my support, I am here to help!

Thanks for reading!

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Trish Rafuse

EXIT Realty Town & Country